low blood sugar

I was at the dentist sitting on the chair when it happened.

dentist: “Quickly get some biscuits and some lucozade!”

My brain has never been good at regulating energy throughout my body.

^-o Usually my brain short circuits before my blood sugar depletes (I can usually eat and drink before a hypoglycemic attack has time to settle in).  T_T It’s such a pain to deal with my head when it can’t control my emotional panic response (fight or flight) or energy distribution.

Normally only my hands or feet uncontrollably shake but this time my entire body went into spasm and I couldn’t even open my eyes.

This has only ever happened to me one other time (English class in college) however,  in that situation I did momentarily pass out.  T-T Some sick college girls thought it was funny how I was freaking out in the corner of a classroom (They were harassing me) until I clasped and stated shaking on the floor.  They all ran part for one that my friend who had just returned found panicking.

*I was on the floor rapidly blinking in my attempts to keep them open while trying to regain control.*

girl: “Her eyes are open, she’s ok”

XD  I could only image the look my friend gave her with the tone of her response.

O_O My brain wasn’t willing to give up willingly on it’s panic response meaning I had to shut it down manually by relaxing my body and willingly letting my brain enter a sleep like state.  When I woke up there was a man and a bunch of students standing around me….How long was I out!

It was not hard to get myself back together in the dentist scenario for it was just a matter of getting my breathing under control and eating/drinking (no energy), with the classroom scenario all my bodies energy supply had been cutoff because my brain was trying to find a solution to the panic response (Y_Y I had to have a logic battle with my own brain). *People wonder why I describe my subconscious as its own personality. *


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