why is there a lack of female nerds/geeks?

To tell you the truth I believe there are loads of female nerds/geeks out there……however, I also believe a lot of lasses ether deny it or hide the fact they like these kinds of things because its not socially acceptable.

Is it mans fault? NO!

Social pressure comes from both sides.

When I was in school my teachers constantly kept telling me that the most important thing in life was to be accepted by your peers.   The female group mentality would not allow anyone that didn’t fit there idea of perfection in there bitchy femininity to get away without a good beating.

T-o I have read similar stories happen to nerd/geek boys.

people always ask: what is a nerd? answer: It is someone who loves to study.

*Being a nerd doesn’t mean you will be rich or smart with computers it just means you know a lot a random things (DB “I’m not smart, I just know a lot of useless junk.”)*

what is a Geek? answer: A person who obsess of a particular topic.

*Even nerds can geek-out.*

 I personally believe that pop culture over romances the idea of being a nerd/geek to the point where people ignore the amount of social isolation a lot of these victims of bullying have had to grow up with. T-o If you could find a secure group of friends you were fine however, most of the time you would find yourself on the receiving end of the bitchy stick due to your odd interests or strange piece of information you come out with.

Parents will keep there girls away from things like comics and games due to the fact they fear there child will be seen as different making them in reflection standout uncomfortably out in a crowd.

things I hear form parents on buses and while I’m working.

parent 1″My daughter really likes spider man.”

parent 2 “You will need to shift her to frozen before her birthday.”

farther to son: “You can have any magazine”

*picks peppa pig*

“You can’t have that people will think there is something wrong with you.”

The magazine scenario happens a lot.

For this reason a lot of girls don’t get into games and comics until they are way older.

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  1. The Otaku Judge | Reply

    Over the years I have a few geek girls, but they are a rare breed. There may be more ladies who hide their geeky hobbies – just like the girl from Oreimo.

  2. A lot of girls are geek or have geek tendencies I think but to be recognized as one by guys it takes a lot of geekiness… girls are often suspected of liking something because their bf does, even if the reason they have the bf in the first place might be they SHARE the same love for geek stuff.

    1. I never really understood that argument: “liking something because their bf does.”
      In most situations you tolerate the passion your other half geeks over.
      me and DB (my boyfriend) both loved anime and manga before we met.

      T-o “liking something because their bf does.” makes it sound like the guy is forcing his interest upon the lass (that’s not how you bond with someone).

      You like a topic or you don’t, what dose it matter who introduced it to you.

      1. I agree, though I’ve known some girls who started liking bikes because their bf had one or even one of my friends who went camping because her husband loved it though she was really a town girl and hated that…
        Have you heard about the comics festival at Angoulème in France? No women were nominated this year so there was a big row.. some said there were not enough women who drew comics but men tend to nominate men. There are more and more women who read comics but very often I think that people still believe that comics are a male interest.

      2. I do agree with there are more men to nominate men but, would woman nominating woman fix the gender segregation problem? People should be voting on the quality of there work and nothing ells.

        XD Maybe we need more lasses to pretend to be men in order to see if it is sexism or that there comic was just not good enough.
        T_T That or we give all comic book writers pen names so that there gender is not obverse.

        I don’t believe forcing the festival to put a woman into the final contest really fixes the problem.

      3. ^^ no not forcing them but it’s weird when they don’t nominate one single woman…

      4. ^-o when the ratio of woman to men is 1/10 there will always be a higher chance of only men to be nominated.

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