PUNCH LINE ending (reaction)


I feel so sorry for this anime!

You know what really annoys me, people who complain about anime that they were clear not properly watching.

One complaint: “The story has no consistency”   T_T…… You understand we jumped back in time halfway in the show (he did change reality).

“He is such a pervert.” He is a she.

“This anime has no story.” Where we watching the same show? It’s about 3 magical children who have the power to save/destroy the world.

“What dose underwear have to do with anything?” When Yuuta Iridatsu see’s ladies underwear a huge surge of power engulfs his/her entire body and if too much power is created BANG!

Dose this anime have problems? Yes, but they are no where near bad anime levels. At most this anime is average with very little pulling it down in the “That was so dumb i’m going hit my head against a wall.” levels. It’s like when people complain about “strike witches”  and choose the one girl who is not wearing her underwear in front of everyone (Yoshika Miyafuji  wares a swimming costume). *Even If I don’t like an anime I will see defend it when someone has clearly not watched it or didn’t pay any attention.*

XD There is a good reason why I do impressions not reviews (“Re-view” There is a clue in the name).  ^-o The benefit in re-watching something allows you to pick up on things like this If you just wanted to watch it as a casual the first time round.

I feel sorry for this anime because the first episode makes it seem like a fan-service anime and that’s not helped by the sexy sounding panty eye-catches. This anime Is really about a huge asteroid coming to destroy the planet and only orange juice seems to have the power to stop it.  Yuuta Iridatsu Is given the job of making sure the timeline changes for the better by saving orange juice and all the girls who live in the dorm.

The show has a lot of energy and never seems to fail in the animation department (It’s nice to see anime where the creators were clearly putting a piece of them selves into it).

^_o I had a fun-time watching it even if the story got a little hard to follow at times.


My score 6/10

O_O wow! If you guys don’t know I have a little test I fill out when trying to figure out this final score and this anime got exactly 60% on the test.

This anime is on the higher level of average.

^-o final verdict: If you want to what some high energetic fun jump in however, if you look for a deep and meaning full story with well developed charterers stay far away.



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