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duvet stuffing

^-o After my old duvet started to get really torn apart I decided to go buy  new one and though out the old one.

me: “Got an old duvet to bin.”

mum: “Has that got cotton in it?”

My mother is currently makings  knitted scarecrow dolls for the villages scarecrow festival. O_o The only problem is that stuffing is not

mum:”start pulling and puffing!”

Me:  “One can release a lot of anger doing this (pulls at the puff like an animal clawing at its pray).”

super Pokemon mystery dungeon rant

T-T I have been playing super Pokemon mystery dungeon and I’m finding the second friendship mission impossibly hard! Why the hell is this the 3rd mission!

You go from 2 basic “go to floor 2 and find Pokemon” to “beat this impossibly strong Pokemon.”. who thought that was a good idea.

*You can’t progress until you beat it.*

Plus who thought making the friendship Pokemon appear in town random without any explanation was a good idea!  I found two legend Pokemon when the game killed me in a mission and said: “you can ether loose all your items and go back to your last save point.” I went back to my last save point and they were gone making me think the game had glitch forcing me to reset the game only to discover ONLINE that it’s random.

Y_Y I’m very annoyed.

52 hours of work!

Did 12 hours of cover work this week (i’m not saying no to a request).

^-^ I’m looking forward to ending the week and having Monday and Tuesday off for 4 weeks (8 days).

bad dream

I was having my apocalypse dream again.

o-0 When ever I have a dream from the  apocalypse series (my dreams are like continuing movies) they are always set in reality…..and in a multi story car park.

The oddest dream I have ever had was Pokemon based when I was younger.

It starts off with a bunch of pikachu playing around in a toy shop when one spots a toy plane on the roof. Though team work and acrobatics they reach the plane flying it around the room and though some curtains,

black card reads “now time for a feature presentation.”

The main dream was about some injection that was being given to all Pokemon in a bid to eliminate them.  an underground squad of powerful Pokemon is saving the other monsters by creating and underground world  where they can hide from the killer injection.

O-O I had that dream more then 10 years ago and i still remember (I can remember  most of my dream over the years).

XD I want to play this game.

I spent way too much time deliberating in my head if I should get this game.8189IB7f2sL._SL1000_.jpg

*^-o Went to the game shop.*

Lea:”Do you have Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon in stock?

Shop: “We just sold our last one this morning.”

Lea: “darn it.”

Shop: “We will be getting a new shipment tomorrow.”

^_o If they hadn’t snubbed me on my last pre-order  I would have reserved a copy.

would I want to be a child again?


Being a child was a pain.

T-o I used to lookout at the other students every passing year and just say to myself “I have no desire to be around you other students.”

When I did find someone I liked the friendship would ether be fake or I would not properly understand the rules of boundaries. ^-o I mostly found myself being isolated…which didn’t really bother me much.

knew a lass when I under 11 years old that i considered a friend….even though now when I look back on it she was more of an acquaintance.

It’s not like the group rejected me, I went to sleep overs, parties and to hang out……I just never connected with them.

high school

HELL no! nothing more. well… in this case there were some students that tried to be a friend but it felt forced and not genuine. T_T If the school had not pummeled into my head that “students not your age can’t be considered Friends” I would most likely have seen  Hanna one of the school librarians as a friend.

I don’t rally want to think about it anymore (i repress it for a reason).

^_^ I’m happy with the position I’m currently in.

XD why I will never write a romance story.

I don’t know about you peeps reading this blog but growing up my mum would leave her cheesy romance books around the house (mills and boon esk) which I would flick though out of morbid curiosity.

He held his hot streaming sugar buns close to my plump puddings as we danced the tango with our tenacious mouth wands.  No spell could describe the sensation that penetrated my body as his manhood twitched against the unsheathed flesh of my left leg as I whispered into his ear “Have me now big boy.”

Think I might have a good chance at winning the awarded for the worst sex scene of the year.

^-o how I cure sadness

*I was really glum on Saturday*

DB:”Are you ok?”

Icy: “I just feel done”

DB:”anything I can do?”

Icy: “Nope. There is only one thing I can do to cheer myself up when I feel sad for no reason, go down to the shops and get some ice cream!”

^_^ I eat the entire pot in one sitting!

*T_T I think it was because I was having a frustrating day at work.* 


Sister: “There is only one kind of ice cream one should eat when they are sad”

Icy: “ben and jerry’s phish food.”

Sister: “Eaten with a big spoon.”

what buggs me about cosplayers

T-o When I research cosplayers I tend to come across people who are charging for photos or using the photos/footage gathered at cons to make money from there patreon followers.

I don’t know about others cons but at the one I go to it is against the terms and conditions for the general public to make any profit without written permission.


knightmare chess

XD Me and DB spent 2 hours just picking what cards we will be using for our chaotic chess game on  Saturday.

We both had to have a calculator by our side for you’re only aloud to have a dex that adds up to 150 points. On each card the is a number in the corner (2-10) that tells you how much that card will cost you to have in your dex (you can only have 5 in your hand at a time).

  • step one: split the cards into and A and B deck.
  • step two: Pick a dex and sort the cards into piles based on cost.
  • step three: Go though Each pile and discard the cards you don’t like.
  • step four:  Add up all your remaining cards.
  • step five:  Take away cards that  you feel  could be discarded in order to hit the 150 point limit.
  • step six: Tell you opponent “let’s  postpone the game” After how exhausting  them tasks were.

*Should get easier the more we play it.*