T-0 Wish I understood people

Throughout my life people have told me to think, think and think again before I make a single movement around anyone however, when I watch other people there actions don’t nearly have as much scrutiny.

Why was I force to go to class to learn about interaction and emotion when people around me seem so illogical in their reactions????

Seeing as strong emotions physically hurt me there is no way of me understanding how someone can feel anger towards someone. I know what annoyance and frustration is….but that will eventually pass. Isn’t it best to “TRY” and keep a level head, I don’t get why they don’t get punished for feeling an improper emotion?

^_o When I look at people I see a instruments and music floating around them …that’s if it’s not being barricaded by a concrete wall.

T_T So many songs, yet there are so little melodies to harmonize with.

They want to talk using actions and I want to talk using body energy (we just don’t sync up).


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