No more 30 minute bus journeys!

^_o I might still have to clean by myself at night (mum is on holiday) but that isn’t exactly a long walk from home.  *Nobody wants cleaning jobs.*

I guess it doesn’t help when schools try and plant: “you’re a lower human if you clean buildings”  T-T When I was little I wanted to be a cleaner but when they started saying this to me I began to get scared.

^-^ In high school I cleaned an entire assembly hall after an event because I loved seeing the floor transform from messy to clean (the other students mocked me).

Event holders “Thanks a lot, take this key-chain(one of the prizes they carry)as our thanks.”

me: “no thanks, I didn’t clean to gain anything.

Event holders: “You’re so humble! takes this chocolate egg. “

That actually happened! O_O I had to sit on the school bus with everyone from my year group giving me evils because the event holders would not let me go without this egg.




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  1. Good to hear that you get satisfaction from doing a good cleaning job. I wish I felt the same about the dull work I do.

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