Question: What’s eye candy?

someone said to me  the bbc puts woman in shows for eye candy.

In my head this translates to guys wanting to bang one off to sexy woman during a random show.

T-o When the weather or the news comes on they only talks about what her body looks like and yet they says it’s not wank material…..I’m confused? Dose staring at a woman with a sexy body not arousing???? Ins’t the point of alluring eye candy to get the viewers to have naughty thoughts????

If you only want a woman on a show to look at and not speak isn’t that just objectification??? “they will put a woman in so we men have something to look at.”

I’m really confused? O_O I understand “eye candy” is something your eye finds pleasing but, if you say your eye candy is staring at someones boobs and ass doesn’t that count as titillation?  T_T I feel so lost.



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