^-o People really don’t understand introverts

*Clocked out of my second job*

Work: “Why don’t you look for a better job?”

Me: “I love cleaning.”

Work: “As long as you enjoy what you do.”

Me: “That and it allows me to be antisocial”

Work: “Why? You’re good with people.”

Me: “I find it tiring talking to random people and they can be way too unpredictable.”

Work: “Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

Me: “Yes”

Work: “And you have friend you hang out with?”

Me: “Yes”

Work: “You are the most social antisocial person on the plant. You’re really hard to figure-out.”

*DB would most likely agree on that last statement.*

XD I don’t like socializing however, I do understand the importance of doing it!

In high school I was made to take socializing classes, problem is in order for the skills to be of use I can’t allow myself to relax or let any of my natural mannerisms to show (I call this this the Claire personality).

Do you want to know whats ironic? according to my college tutors I have the gift of the gab!  O_O It really catches people off guard.

^-o I have a lot of inner-energy that need to be let out in a controlled environment. If I was to let myself feed on other peoples energy things start to become disbalanced eventually making me do something I will regret.




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