o-0 odd day

For the second time ever I met my area manager today (we usually text each other). It had been so long that I had forgotten what he looked like.

He was just preforming the yearly risk assessment (which no one ever did when I started) and seeing how I was.

*past it with no issues*

I think he is finally going to get a uniform sorted out for me! He was shocked that i was never given one (shows how little we see each other).


I got someone yelled at because my mouth started talking before my brain.

I just wanted to walk up to my shop manager and say “That’s the reason I don’t like interacting with the pubic!”

But I did tell the guy the truth: “I have rarely known that machine to work, we have a mechanic out every other day trying to repair it.”

I get this question “it’s not working” almost trice a week and today my mouth just slipped.

O_O Even the head manager agreed with me on that one.

I think the guy was in a bad mood and this poor woman at the till unfortunately felt his wrath.  I do feel seriously sorry for her.

I just feel that it’s wrong to make people pay for a token to use in a machine that rarely works!


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