knightmare chess

XD Me and DB spent 2 hours just picking what cards we will be using for our chaotic chess game on  Saturday.

We both had to have a calculator by our side for you’re only aloud to have a dex that adds up to 150 points. On each card the is a number in the corner (2-10) that tells you how much that card will cost you to have in your dex (you can only have 5 in your hand at a time).

  • step one: split the cards into and A and B deck.
  • step two: Pick a dex and sort the cards into piles based on cost.
  • step three: Go though Each pile and discard the cards you don’t like.
  • step four:  Add up all your remaining cards.
  • step five:  Take away cards that  you feel  could be discarded in order to hit the 150 point limit.
  • step six: Tell you opponent “let’s  postpone the game” After how exhausting  them tasks were.

*Should get easier the more we play it.*


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