XD why I will never write a romance story.

I don’t know about you peeps reading this blog but growing up my mum would leave her cheesy romance books around the house (mills and boon esk) which I would flick though out of morbid curiosity.

He held his hot streaming sugar buns close to my plump puddings as we danced the tango with our tenacious mouth wands.  No spell could describe the sensation that penetrated my body as his manhood twitched against the unsheathed flesh of my left leg as I whispered into his ear “Have me now big boy.”

Think I might have a good chance at winning the awarded for the worst sex scene of the year.


3 responses

  1. Man…cheesy romance novels that border on erotica xDD.

    1. XD I remember picking one up in the bathroom when I was younger and turned to a random page. “I tightly grabbed his manhood.” O_O *puts book down and walks away.*

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