would I want to be a child again?


Being a child was a pain.

T-o I used to lookout at the other students every passing year and just say to myself “I have no desire to be around you other students.”

When I did find someone I liked the friendship would ether be fake or I would not properly understand the rules of boundaries. ^-o I mostly found myself being isolated…which didn’t really bother me much.

knew a lass when I under 11 years old that i considered a friend….even though now when I look back on it she was more of an acquaintance.

It’s not like the group rejected me, I went to sleep overs, parties and to hang out……I just never connected with them.

high school

HELL no! nothing more. well… in this case there were some students that tried to be a friend but it felt forced and not genuine. T_T If the school had not pummeled into my head that “students not your age can’t be considered Friends” I would most likely have seen  Hanna one of the school librarians as a friend.

I don’t rally want to think about it anymore (i repress it for a reason).

^_^ I’m happy with the position I’m currently in.


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