bad dream

I was having my apocalypse dream again.

o-0 When ever I have a dream from the  apocalypse series (my dreams are like continuing movies) they are always set in reality…..and in a multi story car park.

The oddest dream I have ever had was Pokemon based when I was younger.

It starts off with a bunch of pikachu playing around in a toy shop when one spots a toy plane on the roof. Though team work and acrobatics they reach the plane flying it around the room and though some curtains,

black card reads “now time for a feature presentation.”

The main dream was about some injection that was being given to all Pokemon in a bid to eliminate them.  an underground squad of powerful Pokemon is saving the other monsters by creating and underground world  where they can hide from the killer injection.

O-O I had that dream more then 10 years ago and i still remember (I can remember  most of my dream over the years).


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