super Pokemon mystery dungeon rant

T-T I have been playing super Pokemon mystery dungeon and I’m finding the second friendship mission impossibly hard! Why the hell is this the 3rd mission!

You go from 2 basic “go to floor 2 and find Pokemon” to “beat this impossibly strong Pokemon.”. who thought that was a good idea.

*You can’t progress until you beat it.*

Plus who thought making the friendship Pokemon appear in town random without any explanation was a good idea!  I found two legend Pokemon when the game killed me in a mission and said: “you can ether loose all your items and go back to your last save point.” I went back to my last save point and they were gone making me think the game had glitch forcing me to reset the game only to discover ONLINE that it’s random.

Y_Y I’m very annoyed.

3 responses

  1. The Otaku Judge | Reply

    How frustrating. Is this the type of game that levelling up will make easier? Can you recruit Pokemon that are strong against the boss?

    1. Y_Y You can get stronger Pokemon because you have to get friendship links and you can’t get these link until you beat this overly hard mission. T-T I had to go online in order to figure out how to beat it.

    2. p.s. XD With all the story you have to get though leveling up is the last thing on your mind (you have power up bracelets that you put ability gems into).

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