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World Conquest Zvezda Plot first impression


T-o The only downside of DVD’s is that you can’t get a screen shot.

^-o I have been to HMV and acquired an anime……that only has sub. *bangs fist to table.* I don’t dislike Sub’s however, when I buy anime retail prices (£20-£40) I expect there to be both a Sub and a Dub track on it!

So what did I think of the first episode?  To be honest the first episode felt really forced and not that engaging.

  • The episode starts with a lad who has run away from home and is trying to buy food before the shops shut.
  • He acquires food but gets it stolen by a little girl and is forced to join her group.
  • In the end we found out about a magical group of people who want to take over the world.

T-0 It felt more like the show was more interested in trying to hit the points on a list then creating an flowing narrative.

I had one question throughout the entire episode: “Why is this grown boy taking command from a child on a little bike with training wheels? ”

Y_Y He tried to kill himself for a toy rabbit….why?  “It belongs to that girl.” DUDE how dumb are you! when someone football rolls into the road you jump in front of a car (he would be worried the car would pop the ball).

I was loosing interest by the halfway point.

world-conquest-zvezda-plot-kurukuru-3-purple-kurumi-367571.1.jpgI do love these little creatures that turn into huge monsters. 

^_^ Almost 1 year!

O_O One year since I had to change my anime viewing habits….*sigh*.

I do love anime even if it’s really hard for me to currently watch it (^_o It would be a lot easier if I could keep my wii U downstairs and not worry about my little nephew accidentally braking it).

T_T When you work an average of 7 hours a day you find that the last thing on your mind is to sit back a read a load of subtitles (Sunday is my only day off and that normally ends up being my hibernation day).

At the moment i’m trying the gather money in order to make a deposit on a house however, I’m waiting to see where DB’s coffee venture will be going (he need to also need to be putting money into the pot).

Real life is a very complicated thing.

T-o so that’s where I inherited it

When I want to make someone near me smile I radiate joy at will.

It dose temporally give verbal diarrhea (It’s hard to monitor ever thought and word when your brain is rushing about too much).

*I hate feeling happy for that reason.*

I was feeling down when my mum started to make me smile using the exact same tricks I do.  O_O It’s odd to think all of them daft body movement and gestures all came from watching my mother over the year try to make me crack a smile.

^-^ sometime body energy can speak way louder then words.

XD And I worry about not being fit.

Today is a bank holiday meaning that all the buses are running on a Sunday service.

After I finished my first job of the morning I found that it would be 30 minutes until another bus would turn up. Clearly annoyed by this I started walking to my second job that was 4 miles away (it’s 1 hour walk however, when I consider the price of bus fare and the lack of buses running today It would be worth it).

I finished my second job and stared to walk back for the third job (cover) which was on my route back.

^_o So in total I did 6 hours 45 minutes of work and still found the energy to walk 8 miles.

^-o played super mario 64 ds for the first time

After watching chuggaaconroy’s let’s play full for the 4th time I decided that I would download this game onto my wii U.

^-o I have 30 stars so far and haven’t even battled bowser yet.


TT_TT embarrassing moment

I was cleaning the fridges at work when for some unknown reason my brain came out with this:

“I am the crab!”

O_O I turned around and spotted a staff member standing behind me (I felt so embarrassed).

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain

XD Been ages since I played this!


In just 3 days I got my brain age down from 73 to 30.

O_O This game brings back memories of having to recalibrate my DS light screen ever other week.

O_O My reading speed is average now!

Every time I have ever had an IQ test my language skills would always show up as being abysmal (it’s been this way since I first started school).

T_T I didn’t learn to read until I was into my teens and I didn’t learn Proper sentence construction until I was in college (17-21).

My primary school knew I was illiterate but they wound help me due to a money scam (high school did the same).  They only got caught out when a teacher said “we have other students that need that money.”  To my psychologist “That money is meant to be allocated to her.”

XD My high school was willing to let me go insane (I was suicidal and valiant) then risk being caught with fake paperwork by a psychologist.

When I went to college they paid for me to see a psychologist and everything was revealed (I kind of understand why emotions feel foreign). They knew but they let me suffer for profit.

*How is one meant to know what someone is feeling when I don’t know what I’m feeling half of the time.*

I have become a lot more mellow in my head since accepting these sensations (I can focus more). Y_Y I always told them but they didn’t listen ” I don’t have dyslexia!”.


I love reading and I’m mighty annoyed that I wasn’t allowed that joy purely because of greed.

T-T Can’t get this out of my head!

 There is always one song on the shop radio that gets stuck in my head.

XD no more holidays…and back on cover 1st proper day back.

I had a choice between two this time round.

I feel sorry for letting down the person I usually cover but I really want to see the new interior of the first shop I covered.

O-0 I remember it so vividly.

old manger “I will drop you off there and show you around.”

*Ends work and realize I have no money for the bus.*

me: “I’d better start walking then.”

XD This was also the time I started walking to town because the bus wanted to charge me the same price to town as it would be to get the bus from my village 2 miles back (this was very much the halfway point).

O_O I walk so much the fabric holding my walking shoes together is wearing away  (I got them from a hiking shop).