How I personalty rank the current D&D campaign books

I will be going in descending order.


Fight this elemental; fight another elemental; oh! Did I forget to tell you to fight this elemental?  If it wasn’t for the additional spells and extra races there would be no reason to ever get this book.



^-o This might change position as I read deeper into it however, currently my personal opinion on this book is that it suffers with  the same problem as “hoard of the dragon queen” being that it’s wordy and will require a fare bit of prep time before you play (it’s looks to be a game were you might need a DM screen that can bullet point particular chapters).



Hoard of the dragon queen

“Hoard of the dragon queen” would have tied with the “Curse of strahd” if it wasn’t for its other part “The rise of Tiamat”.   T_T Do you want to know what this books biggest weakness is? It’s way too obsessed with the interaction element of the game.

 I believe this to be a reaction to the complaints:

Random person: “Edition 4was way to battle centric.”

D&D: “Then we shall concentrate of the theatre of the mind with D&D edition 5.”

T-o who wanted to imagine they were debating  an already calculated vote (chart in the book) in a council meeting?  What if they roll a 20 charisma roll? Are you just meant to say no just because the book has everything pre-set.  You might as well just let the players ask the question and answer as DM skipping the meeting entirely.


The rise of Tiamat



The only bad thing I have to say about this book is that it spoils the latest trilogy of   “The legend of drizzt homecoming” books.

Good story progression, fights that have a point and pages that are well laid out. ^-^ what more could you ask for?


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