T-T Too much noise

My head couldn’t deal with the amount of noise being generated from all angles today.  our neighbours had there music on mega loud meaning my dad had the tv on louder then normal along with my nephew having the TV on in the spare room as he ran up and down the stairs shouting constantly.

T-T I broke down in tears shaking on the floor and when I heard my dad down stairs say “I wish she would move away.”

I grabbed my bag and just left the house feeling unwanted and in need of quiet contemplation.

^-o  After 3 hours of walking I found contentment (lot of quite walks around the  area).

T-T I know that I shouldn’t feel pain and that other humans should never be near me but….^-^ somehow my mother still wants me and will try and make sense of the world to me.

O-o I will never understand why I have a boyfriend and a best friend.



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