T-o high school: has this really left my head?

It’s odd to think after all these years I still resent that building.

T_o I have gotten really good at repressing my other self’s feelings however, once in a while my other self leaks thogh. I let a little bit of Conner (T-o I split my mind in two and that was the name it picked) leak thogh in the hope my head will be able to relax a bit.

As humans we are all scum and require to be in pain for every action they do

to be beaten is to make someone ells happy

 both good and bad is evil when done for pleasure 

one must apologize for there existence

to belong is to be chained 

you are a disgusting piece of filth

to say you not

is to say you are worse then filth

In contrast this song always cheers us both up.

For my heart is braking I believe it’s still in pain

For my mind is aching I believe I’ve gone insane

Nothing more that I could say could possibly mean less

 This is a song I sing when I am distressed

It’s odd to think the friend my head created to keep me sane in high school ended up being the one who conceals the hateful memories/ thoughts from me.

T-o for those who say get mental help 4-5 year waiting list!  XD like my GP said “you just need to repress it better.”



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