Y_Y I wish emotions didn’t hurt me.

Caught some kids outside my window destroy a plastic scooter on the road.

They were about the walk off when I shouted from my window:

Me: “You can clean that up right now!”

Them: “We didn’t do it.”

Me: “I just watched you do it!”

*They looked to be 10-11.*

*They cleared the plastic and no violence came of it.*

O_O As I walked away from my window I could feel my body start shaking from the sudden rush of excitement. This is bad because if I don’t relax my body I will go into a palatalized state (this will also make my blood sugar plummet).

One of the befits of spiting my mind is that I can transfer all my pain, this gives me more time to get somewhere safe (you’re still on a timer for the bodily reaction is still taking place).

XD It’s really helpful when my brain is having sensory freak out (I Can knock myself out).


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