worst anime adaptation

Y-Y I laugh at  fan that complains at an anime adaption being slightly off from it’s manga!

I was excited for this anime! I wanted to see how it would be handled! How do you think I and many others felt when we were presented with this!

c5bf57c09aa20dacefea976c61375c171350060834_full.jpgThe manga this is based on is horrific in not only its story  but in the meticulous line work of  Usamaru Furuya. Y_Y I read this book purely because I loved the guys drawing style! 


When you look at this cover do you think of a chibi comedy, NO! no one in the right mind would think that (Do not look up this books art if you’re the squeamish type).

T_T Even if one can get past the transition from horror to comedy you will still have to put up with the dreadfully lazy character designs.



Y_Y It only goes on for 8 episodes and ends on a note no one will get unless you read the manga. O_O It doesn’t even make sense on the context of the comedy show (they just through that in at the end to confuse anyone  just randomly watching).

I dare anyone to find me anime adaptation worse then this!


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