O_O My reading speed is average now!

Every time I have ever had an IQ test my language skills would always show up as being abysmal (it’s been this way since I first started school).

T_T I didn’t learn to read until I was into my teens and I didn’t learn Proper sentence construction until I was in college (17-21).

My primary school knew I was illiterate but they wound help me due to a money scam (high school did the same).  They only got caught out when a teacher said “we have other students that need that money.”  To my psychologist “That money is meant to be allocated to her.”

😄 My high school was willing to let me go insane (I was suicidal and valiant) then risk being caught with fake paperwork by a psychologist.

When I went to college they paid for me to see a psychologist and everything was revealed (I kind of understand why emotions feel foreign). They knew but they let me suffer for profit.

*How is one meant to know what someone is feeling when I don’t know what I’m feeling half of the time.*

I have become a lot more mellow in my head since accepting these sensations (I can focus more). Y_Y I always told them but they didn’t listen ” I don’t have dyslexia!”.


I love reading and I’m mighty annoyed that I wasn’t allowed that joy purely because of greed.


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