World Conquest Zvezda Plot first impression


T-o The only downside of DVD’s is that you can’t get a screen shot.

^-o I have been to HMV and acquired an anime……that only has sub. *bangs fist to table.* I don’t dislike Sub’s however, when I buy anime retail prices (£20-£40) I expect there to be both a Sub and a Dub track on it!

So what did I think of the first episode?  To be honest the first episode felt really forced and not that engaging.

  • The episode starts with a lad who has run away from home and is trying to buy food before the shops shut.
  • He acquires food but gets it stolen by a little girl and is forced to join her group.
  • In the end we found out about a magical group of people who want to take over the world.

T-0 It felt more like the show was more interested in trying to hit the points on a list then creating an flowing narrative.

I had one question throughout the entire episode: “Why is this grown boy taking command from a child on a little bike with training wheels? ”

Y_Y He tried to kill himself for a toy rabbit….why?  “It belongs to that girl.” DUDE how dumb are you! when someone football rolls into the road you jump in front of a car (he would be worried the car would pop the ball).

I was loosing interest by the halfway point.

world-conquest-zvezda-plot-kurukuru-3-purple-kurumi-367571.1.jpgI do love these little creatures that turn into huge monsters. 


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