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T-T learning magic the gathering for my Sweet

We were at the game shop during there card contest (they were setting up for the 3rd round). *O_o This game shop pays the rent with the amount of contests and events it holds each day (entry free varies).*

^_o I was trying to find the expansion pack for the lord of waterdeep bored game when DB starting talking about how he used to love playing card-games and would like to get back into it.

DB:”What should we choose?”

*Huge wall of card games.*

Me: “Might as well be magic the gathering with how well stocked it is.”

*50% of the wall is made up of magic the gathering cards,folders,mats and sleeves.*

O-o I’m now trying to learn the rules so that I don’t get trounced.

Need sleep!

All the stress this week in particular has worn out my body (It took my 15 minutes to acknowledge the DB was in the room).

  • T-T  Today we had an unexpected snow storm that dropped the temperature which made my bones hurt.
  • To end off this horrid April my body started it’s cycle (I’m ambivalent about this one).

Y_Y I hate you April! 

Y-Y need good luck!

April has really sucked for me!

  • Felt depressed from almost beginning to end.
  • Tore my finger nail off.
  • Woke up in shock as my door handle span on its own 3 times at 1:30am.
  • Sprained my foot.
  • Sweeping brush broke.
  • Toilet bucket got smashed.
  • Got poisoned.
  • The game I’m waiting for is delayed.
  • My DB is doing more work hours so I’m seeing him less.
  • My normal work schedule (the order I do things) has been thrown off multiple times.

hope May goes better.

^_^ chlorine poisoning

T_T They never  listen  when  you tell them not to put other chemicals in the buckets.

Thanks to my first job poisoning I couldn’t go to my second job.

*I spent the next 4-5 hours wanting to vomit while my head spun.*

Lucky for me my sister is a cleaner and she has experience with chemical gas poisoning.

Hope my boss had a good chat with them about putting chemicals that are not the cleaning companies into the mop buckets.


Y_Y curse you body

Each month my body will use all the pent up emotion I bottle and smash it into the side of my head. During the one week I can’t control anything my mind does due to the large dissidence.

Y_Y It makes my life hell!

If I could lock myself in box and not have to see another human during that week my life would be 10x better.



Thanks to my bunny working longer hours i’m only able to see him fully on Saturday this week. I can’t bare not getting to see him for such long periods of time!

Last Wednesday I was in tears of joy when he walked thogh that door.

It’s odd to think only 2 years ago we would see each other fully every other day.

Captain Earth ending (reaction)


Was this anime meant to be targeted at young teens?

I’m not trying to say young teens have bad taste in shows I’m just saying the plot/story to this anime was so bare bones straight forward you would have a hard time getting enjoyment from this show unless you were new to the scenario.

None of the characters stood out (ignoring their hair).

Story: There are bad guys and we must beat them, oh no there is a big bad guy boss leader (basic young teen anime plot).

TT_TT If this show had only 12 episodes it could have saved itself from all the filler episodes and managed to create more condensed plot progression that didn’t feel lost in all the pointless meandering.

I knew who the bad guy truly was from the start! I knew what would happen in episode 25 from the start!  If you don’t try and through a curve ball in anyway during the show no one is going to be surprised about what happens.

I think two of the main cast died……the show didn’t really make it clear.


T_T I could place this on the end of any anime and make it sound deep (talk about an anime being pretentious).


sprained my foot

It was also on the bad foot I was complaining about a week ago.

*It’s really scary when you fall down to the ground and can’t get up.*

T-T I also tore off my thump nail today (it slightly tore into the nail bed AHHH).

What ever was turning my door handle at 1:30am  must have cursed me (everyone as in bed…..what the heck did that!).

^_^ turned out good

Got to see my boss in person today and I managed to put my mind to rest (wish he would have explained that sooner).

I actually had a longer then usual list of things to ask  him this time round (this is only so much info one can relay in a text).

*You know you don’t see your manager a lot when the shop managers do not recognize him.*

 First time we met each other  was about 6 months ago and in that time we have met 3-4 times in person (We mostly communicate though text).

feel sick with worry

Odd happenings are going on at work and it’s making me feel uneasy!

T_T I think my boss might be coming to see me soon.

^_^ On the bright side I got to see my first tube web spider today.