XD In or out (EU UK)….I’m not sure but this doesn’t help.

DB got a leaflet  in the mail stating the reasons why we should say in the eu.

^-o a lot of these are lies:

“The eu will not be able to bailout the uk’s banks”  T_o they didn’t bails the uk when we needed it! when the banks were about to crash it was the tax payer that payed it off…….O_O In fact it lead to the British people owning there own banks.


That’s not the one that made me scratch my head:

“If the uk leaves the EU woman will loose there rights.”

XD How the heck am I meant to take that? O_o I will have to quit my job because it’s mans work? I will not be allowed to vote?  men have the right to beat me?

“woman will also not have equal pay to me.”

O_O I think that would be the last of our problems.



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