T-T opened up bad memories

Today has not been the best seeing as endless bad things seem to be happening to me.

When I met DB that afternoon as a normally do he showed me the news paper and I just snapped. It must have been a combination of news stories or maybe something that was randomly said???? I’m not 100% sure how but my head let flow all the horrible thoughts and memories I repressed into the back of my head.

O_O I don’t like being around people and those memories reaffirm why.

From nursery to year 11, pure hell!

I despise school and there ability benefits fraud legally (like hell is anyone going to look into where the money is going).

T_T Don’t give the weaker students there funding the stronger ones need it (There is a Primary school in are village is notorious for it).  *High need students are just cash cows to them.*



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