fixed my works machine!

At work I have to use a floor scrubbing machine in order to get around the shop without making huge puddles.

I have been having loads of problems with it  for the last 3 weeks and finally today it stopped sucking up water! I panicked until I remembered the chess games me and DB play.

DB: “Always think 5 steps ahead and don’t panic if one plan fails.”  

U-U I relaxed my head and remembered that I found a  long thin tube in the cupboard when I had to reorganize everything in it.  ^_^ I positioned the pip inside the bigger pipe and started to push.

O_O Out from the other side came a poop like clump of dirt!

I knew there was a block in the pipe but I would have never thought it was that bad.

^_^ It’s  working now (gets a maintenance check soon).



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