My foot hurts


Over these last 3 days my right foot has been stinging more and more! o-o I’m hoping the pain will just go away for I really don’t want to see my GP: “It’s because your a woman.” he will say.

T_T plus last time I went to a gp about pain he booked me an appointment for 3 weeks later (by that point the pain had gone).

I would much rather be in pain the waste my time with them.


2 responses

  1. You can ask for a woman doctor. Or go to the nearest A&E, and get some checks on it. A foot specialist is what you want to see Icy.

    1. There shunting down our A&E and there is no woman doctor at my gp (We just have to die seeing as the other A&E’s in the area are always on black alert). ^_^ one of the downsides of living in the north.

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