spiders are odd creatures

You get your smart ones that create complex pattern that are placed in a way to capture  as much food as possible…..and then you get you insane ones that do things so baffling you would think they were drunk.

  1. The money spider has taken up residence in the duster because it’s fluffy (lazy spider).
  2. Every year a jumping spider tries to make webs in gate entrances (futile effort on there part).
  3. A lace web spider tried to build its home in a radiator.
  4. O_O 2 daddy long legs found the lace web and died the same death.
  5. The Cardinal spider thinks they have ninja camouflage skills…..on a bright carpet.
  6. There was a bunch of dried bugs in the corner (heat killed them) and If you closely a spider found the bugs, started to wrap them when the heat killed it.


^-^ I love watching spiders afters being introduced to the jumping spider and there awesome dance moves.


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