Captain Earth ending (reaction)


Was this anime meant to be targeted at young teens?

I’m not trying to say young teens have bad taste in shows I’m just saying the plot/story to this anime was so bare bones straight forward you would have a hard time getting enjoyment from this show unless you were new to the scenario.

None of the characters stood out (ignoring their hair).

Story: There are bad guys and we must beat them, oh no there is a big bad guy boss leader (basic young teen anime plot).

TT_TT If this show had only 12 episodes it could have saved itself from all the filler episodes and managed to create more condensed plot progression that didn’t feel lost in all the pointless meandering.

I knew who the bad guy truly was from the start! I knew what would happen in episode 25 from the start!  If you don’t try and through a curve ball in anyway during the show no one is going to be surprised about what happens.

I think two of the main cast died……the show didn’t really make it clear.


T_T I could place this on the end of any anime and make it sound deep (talk about an anime being pretentious).



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