Do you want to know a secret?

^-o I’m a female with autism that has never been diagnosed even thogh I have paperwork going back to 3 years old that sates it (even as a baby it was apparent).

psychiatrist: “You come with a manual!”

o_O My college payed for a private psychiatrist when they found that a lot of the information on my school statement was fake (a lot of school still do this).

The schools I went to put all of the money into one big pot, this mean that students that get extra funding for special needs won’t get it. In there word: “We have other student that could use that money.”

No one ever seems to look into what is on the statement or if the students are getting the help they are entitled to (no one cares).

In my old high school we has a student population of about <2400 and they had only 8 trained support staff….what the hell!  The school had an autism unit that only had 2 trained staff!

I do have two funny certificates in my file:
Year 7 (first year): given to lea for overcoming many of anxieties & always trying hard.
Year 11 (last year): Given to Lea for her determination to succeed.

They knew I was going insane!

Y_o In year 10-11 I was placed out of the dyslexic unit and into the autism unit. I think this happened because I started acting really cold towards other students and was more then glad to tell staff what I thought of them (The teacher made all the students write an essay on how great she was).   *Ironically the head of the department found my essay of how much I disliked this teacher  hilarious.*

I chose not to get a full autism diagnosis after having to go thogh the lesson in that high school. We were taught what emotions we should be feeling, what would make other people happy and how you should present yourself.

I still feel sad when I remember what that young lad said to me:

boy: “Are you my friend?”

Me: “why?”

boy: “You listen to me.”

T-T when a friend had to move away they said:

Teacher:”They don’t feel attachment.”

This was a boy who always partnered up with me in drama class and even asked to be my boyfriend.

After the horrible things that have been said to me I never want to get my autism fully confirmed.

T_o The only downside is that I have to be extra carefully about sensory overload (that is the only aspect that makes it hard to hide).



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