Hug a brit

O_0 It’s a nice thought,but not really helpful.

If you could get the representatives in our parliament to stop acting like primary school children we would be grateful (the scaremongering is getting out of hand).


3 responses

  1. Scaremongering is a poor politician’s bread and butter (trust me I know: I’m American).
    I thought the article was amusing. My grandparents were British and so my father is very awkward with hugs. He’s gotten better over the years though. 🙂

    1. XD Stiff up a lip.

      we live in a county of pessimism ruled by sods/murphy’s law (^_^ Always expect the worst, that way if something good happens you can feel pleasantly happy).

      American politician’s fun to watch! O_O
      It was wrong of Obama to threaten us “Back of the Queue?” just because he wants the EU TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership ) to be threatened in anyway (it’s a horribly bad deal).

      1. A lot of those trade partnerships are nightmares and often really not beneficial to anyone except some major corporations.
        American politics are frightening as hell right now. I am truly scared at the prospect of a President Trump.

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