Are you doing an anime report or anime review?

A coupple of weeks ago I went to DB and told him that a lot of the reviews I read don’t feel like reviews.I could’t pin point my reason for thinking this way until coming across a site that asked this question: what is the difference between a book report and a book review?

The problem I have with many reviews is that they only skim the skin of the thing  they are looking at (Can you really call it a review if your just going to write down the obvious).

You look deeply into the thing you have chosen to look at because YOU wanted to do that. Don’t worry about what the reader will think when they look at your review but what you think when reading it.

*O_O Don’t go too far up your own butt and try not to take a side (this will just lead to fights and bad times for everyone involved)*

When I was in college we would have to write evaluations for every drawing we produced. One day I was sitting back in my chair racking my brain  trying to think about what my tutors would want to see when I got epiphany: This evaluation is for the benefit of me not them! 

You write a review because YOU want to get you thoughts out there, when it starts to become a chore you risk turning your review into a long book report (you start seeing your viewers as that teacher who would demand a 10 page book report by Friday).




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  1. Yes, if you’re starting to feel like a chore, then it kills the joy. That’s why I don’t consider myself an anime reviewer unlike many other anibloggers.

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