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Wish Upon the Pleiades ending (reaction)


Talk about over complicating things for no reason.

^_o I’m back into an anime mood after such a long hiatus peeps (need to fix my list).

For people unfamiliar with “Wish Upon the Pleiades” it’s about a bunch of magical girls driving what looks like vacuums that sound like race cars when they fly. O_O This was a collaboration between the studio Gainax and automaker Subaru.

Having a boyfriend who is obsessed with cars I must ask this question: WHAT DID THIS ANIME HAVE TO DO WITH CARS! In “girls und panzer” the tank are based on real designs and in “strike witches” all the girls and recognizable planes….. Y_Y so why aren’t the girls recognizable subaru models. The only indication there flying different wands is the car grille s(No car nut goes “that car had a memorable grille.”).

*T-o Knowing my bunny he could probably identify them just from that.*

The show struggles from extreme blandness! I knew the twist from the start, the girls look like they were copied and pasted from other shows and their friendship with each other lacks chemistry.

I think in the end Subaru and red haired lad  frozen in time together because something to do with the strings of fate messing the universe and changing everyone’s lives (I really don’t understand why they over complicated it at the last second).

My score 4/10

T_o It’s on the lower scale of average.

T_o Cheered one person up

Yesterday when me and my mother were going to the petrol station to pick up milk my brain went into standby mode.  This means I will inevitable pick a random song or do a random dance….I did both *faceplam* .

You gotta slow down sweet talkin’ woman 
You got me runnin’, you got me searchin’.
Hold on,  sweet talkin’ lover 
It’s so sad if that’s the way it’s over.

O_O I turned to see the cashier giggling at me.


XD Not long till Mvm comic con!

^_^ I have been on a downer today until I looked at the calendar.

1 month to go! 



It’s going to be fun watching them percentages fly up.

Y_Y I need control my mouth more then last year:

*walks up to a comic book table in the comic village*

me: “There is a lot of rubbish in there.”

*guy looks at me in shock*

guy: “Am I rubbish?”

me: “I would not have approached your table if I thought that.”

*asks what it is about and looks over the art.*

me: “I will buy the 3 volume set.”

The guys reaction : O_O

^_^ I loved dangerine (I still reread them).  *Got them autographed.*

The other comic I got that year was 3 manga style books whose artist clearly wasn’t comfortable with drawing like that (the story wasn’t really that interesting ether).

*lot of comic that ether looked too forced or should had stayed online.*

Art is a reflection of the spirit (you’re only lying to yourself when you straight up copy another style).

T_T The one thing you don’t want to hear

^_^ “The game your waiting for has been delayed again.”

Y_Y “This is the second time!”

*This game was meant to come out in the spring.*

My thoughts on Conveni dream

I have played over  8 hours Of this game so you can trust what I’m about to say.

This game plays itself!  The only upside to all this is that there is a super speed up button (wish that was in publishers dream).

When I reached Level 70 I conducted an experiment: I made everything in the shop the top item for that shelf (lots of the same thing).   I only got 1 or 2 complaints and the mood stayed at 100%.

At first the goals the game gives you are sensible and then after awhile they get ludicrous in a small attempt to extend the play time.

Y_Y All the trophy missions are ??????? so I have no idea how to unlock them?

In short:

  •  The game only crashed once.
  • The outside of the shop would struggle to detect me selecting it (5 clicks before it registers the command).
  • The game expects you to read the manual.
  •  A lot of mission are completed with random waiting.

Even if you don’t understand all the workings of this game you can beat this .

I looked like a ghost

O_O It’s scary to think missing my morning bowl of Porridge could have lowered my blood to such scary levels.

I need to be more careful in the future.

T_o We all need a pick me up.

I was at work cleaning when I saw a 14 year old boy surrounded by girls his age.

Boy: “I know a lot about the EU girls. Do you know it’s located in Russia.”

XD This is up there with the lady on the bus who told her daughter the Eiffel tower is in blackpool.


They fixed it!

I was paying so much tax that the government owed me almost a months pay.

*My mother always told me to look at it like getting a bonus. *

o-o one step closer saving for my house.


^_^ August 10th!

For the first time in my life I will be leaving this island!

O_O My mother  had the quintessential British reaction:

mum:”You will need to pack lots of tea. ”

me: “I can do without tea for two weeks.”

mum: “sacrilege!”

U_U I shale return with news of this mysteries place outside the borders of this island mum… and hopefully I will find tea along the way. ^_^

^_^ I’m keeping my job!

I’m so happy! This means I can keep putting away money for a future house.

Y_Y I’m still determined to trying and get back into writing after work (my anime habits will suffer until both me and db can watch shows together).

*I miss his banter during really dull shows.*