^_^ Silence…O_O and it’s hot!

Those annoying neighbors across the road have stopped there illegal roadside car mechanics business and have stopped playing music full blast down the street.

in other news: O_O It’s hot!

According to the Met office we reached heights of 21 °C (69 °f)

According to the site it’s going to be hot all week (I really dislike heat).


4 responses

  1. Same here icy. I dislike summer & heat. where I live something just kicks off (funny thing nothing kicks off during autumn / winter) almost every summer.

    1. I come from a very gossipy village (something is always kicking off).

      1. A massive brawl / fight kicks off almost every summer. I live in a neighbourhood where it had / has a rough rep. The peeps living here made enormous changes to it, and some just still like to make their ugly presence felt.

      2. we only tend to get one big disaster a year. E.g. someone being sliced apart and put into a suit case, burned alive in aced or obliterated in a meat-pie factory explosion.
        There was a guy who got stabbed in the pub and helicopter came.

        It gets really boring around here.

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