I smell like raw sewage

Today I offered to take the bin bag filled with the content of the outside Vacuum in the car park. What I was not aware of was that the person who had used it filled it with glass and what must have been a liquid of some kind, this crating a mush in the container.

I offered to take it to the bin shed seeing as there was no were else it could possibly go.

When I got it in there the bag gave-way poring the concoction of glass and slug down me. Lucky for me the glass did not catch me however, the juice from the bag got on my high vis-coat, on my trousers and splatters my shoes.

As soon work was finished I went up to my Friends  and too off my trousers and warped a snuggy  around my waste like a dress. My sweet DB offered me a ride home in odder to spare me of the embarrassment of this putrid smell.

The trousers you may ask? I took a pair of DB’s (I can tighten the waste on them….that and they look adorably baggy on me).

Good thing we are close in height.

Got home and chucked the high vis coat into the wash along with deodorizing my shoes (Even my family retched at the smell).  My  trousers don’t nearly smell as bad as the coat so they can wait till  laundry day.


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