naive anime fan’s

T_T Dose anyone else find it annoying when young anime fans think a fan-service laden show is: “A female in my favorite teen anime has big boobs.”

When a man wants to watch an erotic anime he doesn’t turn on one piece and when a female want the same she dose not watch black butler.

The fact is that there are more male fan-service show then female ones.

Okay, here’s what I think about male fanservice. I guess if you want to watch Black Butler then you could see demon love and suggestive boy love. But when it comes to one of my favorite anime, One Piece then that’s a different story. The only fanservice they have for men is when they when they’re shirtless and we can see their abs. You don’t see men complaining about cause they are not being seen as sex objects. While you see how’s Nami and Robin’s breast just got bigger, now being seen as sex objects which is degrading women. Which most are sick of. Ever heard of the feminist movement? It’s reasons like this is why this movement is happening.

I had to talk about this because it got a little under my skin.

Demon love: T_T It’s a type a female orientated manga where woman fall in love with demons (there are a load of them).

men did complain about being sex objects when free came out (The anime Free! was very controversial).

Y_Y Woman should have the right to have erotic anime! we should have the same right to have quality anime produced for us as male anime fans have.

feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.



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