^-^ That went well.

I was really worried that the person who responded to a 2 year old comment was going to react badly to my response and create frustration for the blog owner.

*I suspect the blog owner was just as confused as I was.*

O_O I had to go back and read the post because I had so little understand of what this person was talking about.

My first response was about fan-service based shows and how using one piece and black butlers were bad examples. T_o  One can easily explain Nami’s boob size increase in one piece:  The original readers are getting older; the marketing team thinks by increasing her boobs older reader will continue to buy the dvd’s/manga.

I know this will anger one piece fans but…..your watching a young teen show.

You can’t really compare Nami’s boobs to the boobs in High school of the dead.


I do think there is an argument to made out of one pieces boob expansion however, I don’t think it has a place in an over use of  fan-service discussion (at the end of the day One piece is a young teen anime and can only go so far with fan service before they get in trouble).

*There have been laws put in place to shop children seeing adult content in there show.*

people don’t hate fan-service because it’s there, people hate fan-service when:

  1. It distract from the plot.
  2. no context.
  3. when it’s used as a character trait.
  4. Disproportionate boobs/body.


It took me awhile to decipher my own comment from way back!

I was talking about how female anime fan’s will berate male fan-service and pretend they don’t have there own.

We females do have are own vision of fan-service ….you just won’t find many animes containing it (o-o demon love,bishies, boy love and a huge line up of fetish personality types).

The blog owner gave both my responses a like.

^_^  I’m happy to know this will not go any further.


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