^-o My sweet decoder

Over the last coupple of month I have been trying to learn how to review….its hard.

One of the problems is that I can get the information down onto paper however, trying to make sense of what my head is trying to say is another thing entirely.

Thank goodness for my sweet Bunny!

DB “It’s all out of order and you need to reword this. Can I write on the word processor in red text?”

^-^ checking reviews is a lot different to looking over stories.

  • reviews: You get a load of red notes telling you what you need to look over.
  • story: T-T You sit together looking thogh it in pure embarrassment as he asks questions about how the reader will interpret it and  what I was trying to say (poorly construed sentence).

I much prefer writing anime impressions over reviews any day of the week.




3 responses

  1. Use MAL review guide. It helps out.

    1. I understand the basic webbing of a review, what has annoyed me is that I have had to rewrite it 3 times so far (DB act as that annoying English teacher who pushes you to get a higher grade).

      1. Well if he doesn’t (at least you’ll tolerate it with him) some other idiot will point it out…..

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