Such a rare sight!

I went to the game shop in order to see if they had the bored game I pre-ordered  in (nope, but I do have a date now) when suddenly I made eye contact with another female! This shop has a low male to female ratio meaning we were both in shock to see each other.

Unfortunately being of the nerd/geek variety we were too she to speak to each other.

We acknowledgement each others existence with a hello and then went straight on our way.  O_o  We both just stared at each other with an expression of “are you real???”.

^_^ The lady who usually serves me spotted me when I was leaving and asked me straight up if  she should put the new d&d campaign book into my pre-order list (It’s nice when the shop staff know what you want with out having to say a word).



2 responses

  1. I assume you mean the girl was of the same age range as you?. And the lady that normally serves you is of the much older age bracket?. Maybe she was looking for a job and she got it there??.

    1. The lass I met in the shop is a different person to the lady who works in the shop.

      *She is the only one who knows the order list off by heart.*

      This lass was looking at all the games with her friend when I turned thinking someone wanted the till while I was waiting for another staff member to get me some news on the game I’m waiting for.

      ^_^ A lot of the girls in the town I’m from are of the: “I broke a nail, look at my sexy clothes, OMG did you her about was she did.” T-T variety (even I feel alone at times).

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