XD Not long till Mvm comic con!

^_^ I have been on a downer today until I looked at the calendar.

1 month to go! 



It’s going to be fun watching them percentages fly up.

Y_Y I need control my mouth more then last year:

*walks up to a comic book table in the comic village*

me: “There is a lot of rubbish in there.”

*guy looks at me in shock*

guy: “Am I rubbish?”

me: “I would not have approached your table if I thought that.”

*asks what it is about and looks over the art.*

me: “I will buy the 3 volume set.”

The guys reaction : O_O

^_^ I loved dangerine (I still reread them).  *Got them autographed.*

The other comic I got that year was 3 manga style books whose artist clearly wasn’t comfortable with drawing like that (the story wasn’t really that interesting ether).

*lot of comic that ether looked too forced or should had stayed online.*

Art is a reflection of the spirit (you’re only lying to yourself when you straight up copy another style).


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