Wish Upon the Pleiades ending (reaction)


Talk about over complicating things for no reason.

^_o I’m back into an anime mood after such a long hiatus peeps (need to fix my list).

For people unfamiliar with “Wish Upon the Pleiades” it’s about a bunch of magical girls driving what looks like vacuums that sound like race cars when they fly. O_O This was a collaboration between the studio Gainax and automaker Subaru.

Having a boyfriend who is obsessed with cars I must ask this question: WHAT DID THIS ANIME HAVE TO DO WITH CARS! In “girls und panzer” the tank are based on real designs and in “strike witches” all the girls and recognizable planes….. Y_Y so why aren’t the girls recognizable subaru models. The only indication there flying different wands is the car grille s(No car nut goes “that car had a memorable grille.”).

*T-o Knowing my bunny he could probably identify them just from that.*

The show struggles from extreme blandness! I knew the twist from the start, the girls look like they were copied and pasted from other shows and their friendship with each other lacks chemistry.

I think in the end Subaru and red haired lad  frozen in time together because something to do with the strings of fate messing the universe and changing everyone’s lives (I really don’t understand why they over complicated it at the last second).

My score 4/10

T_o It’s on the lower scale of average.


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