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day 3 be back monday

Watched some anime but can’t write them up due to the uncomfortable way I have to reach my computer.

Maybe I should just Say:

I will be back Monday with all my comic con stuff!

day 2 room cleaning

I’m having to stretch in order to reach this computer!

Got all the shelf’s out and 8 bags of rubbish.

cleared the bottom of the bed.

O-O FOUND £10, a giant ant plush and some anime posters.

“I didn’t know i had a monogatari  poster and a copy of  the sao novel.”


T_T That was depressing.

Did life skills mean repression in your school?

I was cleaning out some really old papers in my room when I hit stuff form my years in high school (It didn’t take long for tears to flow).

It was a form introducing me to my high schools life skills program were they will teach you the correct emotions, how you should be to make others happy and repressing undesired desired behaviors (includes emotions).

It was not till years later did a learn what they called Life skills was actually ABA “Applied Behaviour Analysis”.  I didn’t question why they put me in an autism class when I didn’t have it (I was not aware at the time), I was just happy that I was not having to be around other students (This class was officially on my timetable).

The classes failed because I grew a deep hatred for other human (made me violent).

Most of the F*** up ways my brain thinks can be blamed of these classes (They did help a little but, when you compare it to the negatives they are not equal).


Monster musume first impression (second attempt).


Thank goodness DB was with me (He was geeking out thanks to his knowledge of the manga). *The benefits of anime/manga geek love*

^-o I had my cuddle bunny with me today for a good anime binge seeing as my family have gone on holiday leaving the house and the care of the dog to me (my sister watches him when I’m working).

This anime is border line hentai! DB collects the manga and after seeing book 8 we can both agree that this book should not an older teen book(any other manga licensee would have given it a mature rating).

 *I have seen manga’s with less erotica then this manga get an M rating.*

The only reason it’s not straight up porn is because they don’t so genitals but dam! they cut it close at times. It feels like this anime’s goal is to cut it as close to the knuckle as possible.

The shows animation is not consistently good but it’s manageable for this kind of show.

I will only watch this when i can get DB around to mind (might take a long time to end this show).


Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches midway impression


The problem that I have with this anime is the same one I had with “Strike the Blood” and “parasyte the maxim”, the director is clearly inexperienced with this kind of show.

When you convert a manga into an anime you have to insert your own brand of life into the show to make up for the loss of spirit contained in the original artwork. studios/writers  spend years honing down what helps there energy flow best thogh there work, this is why it’s supper easy to tell when something has been plopped robotically (The spirit of your work is important if you want it to last and have a presence).

When I watch anime like this all I hear is an audio book and nothing else (it’s why these kinds of shows put me to sleep).

What’s happened so far? I don’t really care. There are girls with powers……that’s about it.

^_o House to myslef

Next week my family will be out camping for a week giving me to TV downstairs to myself. I can bring my wiiU down stairs without the worry of little hands getting hold of it.

I’m also planning to clean my box room out next week,but that should not get in the way of a little anime binge watching.

I was trying to watch an anime today but it bored me to sleep.

O_O I found it!

One of the reason I didn’t get to watch anime yesterday was because I had to go back to work and check the cleaning cupboard to see if my dice bag had fallen out of my bag.

I was in shock when looked into my bag at the cafe and spotted it was gone!

That one dice bag hold 3 set of polyhedral dice along with having my little Unicorn Pegasus hanging off the clip.

set 1: the first set I ever got.

set 2: A gift from a friend

set 3: The most ugly dice I have ever seen (even the person at the till commented of how ugly they were). *How can you ever be disappointed by a dice you never had faith in (stops your other dice being cursed)* 

^_^ Turns out when I was cleaning out my bag of bus tickets I forgot to put it back in. When my Mother spotted it and thought it was one of my nephews plush toys.

me:”I must have been pick pocked!”

mum: “who would want to pick pocked a dice bag?”

me: “They might have thought it was a purse”

mum: “There in for a shock.”

sis: “what does it look like?”

me: “purple with a little unicorn hanging on the side.”

sis: “I know where that is!”

me & mum : “WHAT!”

sis: “Is this it?”

me: “YES!”


^_^ I love Mimikyu


I will take you home and love you Mimikyu!

*Drew this up quickly on my 3ds *

Himouto! Umaru-chan midway impression


bed sheets: I have seen this anime, I just can’t put my finger on what it was called!

*You get your in your face references in this anime and you get your extremely obscure ones. *

Seeing as I’ve not talked about comedy anime for a long time I will break my rule on them this one time (I tend to only do a first and an end due to the lack of a narrative).

This little Hamster girl lives an impossible double life as a lazy layabout and a super popular high school girl with top grades.  I have one question: Does she physically transform into this little form? If yes how?

I know that this is a comedy but, this one aspect of the show really perplexes me and makes scenarios a lot more confusing then funny.

XD If it wasn’t for the visuals and voice delivery a lot of these jokes would fall flat (the basic joke is she is a brat….not really that funny when you brake the episodes down).


I have seen some wired anime.

Akame ga Kill! midway impression


Its Not making me fall asleep, but it’s getting to that point.

 This show is repetitive …what ells I there to say.

There is a good reason why I’m not a fan of shounen. You see when anime is being produced for little boys you only need to make it simple “bad guys v good guys” and be done with it, the problem with this kind of plot when you start to put it in a show aimed at an older audience is that your good guys become as bland as pig poop because there good and nothing ells has to be said about it and your bad guys become over the top in a bid to entertain you.

You end up finding the bad guys more interesting because more time and effort had to go into making you see why they are evil.

T_T I don’t really care if any of the characters die by this point.