SCHOOL-LIVE! ending (reaction)


“I don’t want to survive, I want to live.”

*I think there comes a point when this quote becomes nonsense.*

This was one of the lines this anime loved to spout out all the time as an excuse for the moe moments of the show……but dose it hold up?  Dose living really mean trying to ignore the problem and go on with your life like nothing happened?  There is living and then there is sorting out your priorities.

^_^ “I’m not going to pay my bills, I’m going out to get drunk with my friends.”  In order to live you need to the means to survive.

Is continuing your school work, talking about college and what your future job will be really that important or relevant in a world that in your knowledge has been completely zombified? I can understand them talking that way around pink haired girl but it makes zero sense when the sane girls do it when she is not around.

Was this a good show? I really don’t know. The tonal shifting  between cute and dark felt off balance throughout the show (you ether had too much cute or too much dark). The characters felt very one note for a show that required the emotional reactions of these girls to help us the viewer relate to there current hardships.

I feel sad during this anime because the scenario is depressing not because it’s happening to a particular character.

My score 5/10

 It’s not the best, it’s not the worst, it’s just average.


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