MY love STORY!! 25% impression



Wish I got to see this when it original aired.

This anime is about two people who look really different but still love each other.

^_^ One of the reason I love this anime is because the premise is simple yet not over done. I feel that I can personally relate to this anime thanks to the reaction me and my boyfriend  get when we walk around together (he is older than me).

Woman: it’s disgusting!

Men: Good on ya lad!

XD The reaction they get on the train sums it up perfectly.

Most romance anime are so over the top that you can’t really see the scenario happening to you, they are pure indulgent flights of fancy that no human would hope to happen or succeed in achieving.

This anime is over the top in its goofiness however, the heart and the affection in which these two feel is more realistic than hundreds of other anime romances I have seen over the years.



2 responses

  1. I enjoyed this anime when it was first airing Icy xDD.

  2. I found this anime to be absolutely adorable. The characters are sweet but it doesn’t feel too sickly sweet.

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