Sound! Euphonium midway impression


what pretentious trash!

I don’t know any of you people!

Y_Y Can you really call these 3 girls the main characters? The show focuses on everyone as a group and when it’s not doing that they only talk about their instruments.

I feel like the story is taking away my attention from a school music class documentary every time they cut away to the girls have a natural conversation….which is rare!

I’m on episode 6 and I know nothing about these girls outside of their instruments.

O_O I’m looking at walking puppets!

You could have exchanged the girls in these episodes with anyone and I would not have cared because I don’t feel there struggle.

What angers me is that the anime is trying to cover up its bland characters with shading and music; in short the anime is manipulating you.

It’s trying to pretend there is this deeper meaning to the events going on when the truth of the matter is we are just watching a school try and win a contest (there is no drama outside of the normal struggles any student would have).

*It doesn’t help that problems are resolved too fast.*


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