Anne-Happy first impression


I love cute pessimism.

This anime is about a bunch of moe girls who are in a classroom for people with bad luck.

*^_^ I have been feeling down these last coupple of day and really needed to watch something cute yet funny in order the raise my spirits.* 

There is something about watching cute moe girls having bad things happen to then that just brings out the best in these kinds of comedies. If you design the characters correctly there happy go lucky naive personalities will create a great contrast to the world they are living in (we as the viewer see it as misfortune while the girls see it as a normal undisturbed day).

I think the best example of how blind these girls are to their misfortune is orange lass is found hanging from a bridge and doesn’t even act like she is in any danger (she just introduces herself in a clam collected manner).

^-o I’m going to look forward to watching this (I quite surprise by how little anime a left on hold during my hiatus).



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