Got a headache.

T_T came back from home happy but sleepy.

After being awake for a bit a headache started to come on, guess it doesn’t help how I got into an argument with some user on a chat bored.

O_O I have been trying to avoid it but I could not help myself this time.

person:“A person did not give me art in trade for mine.”

me: “There is no written agreement so they don’t have to; you’re working on the honour system.  ”

person: “tumblr and deviantart  have rules that say you have to stick to your part of the deal in an art trade”

me: “tumblr and deviantart don’t have rules on art trades.”

person: “yes they do”

me: “show me”

person: “I don’t have to show you anything”

me: “Because it doesn’t exist does it.”

*Then I logged off and walked away…..^_^ which I’m kind of happy about (it shows that myself restraint is getting better)*

I looked up both and they don’t have a rule on it (If your part of a group on deviant art that dose trades and they have there own agreement to joining the group then they have some level of power).

Dose anyone have any idea of what rule they are referring to because I can’t find it.


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