Akame ga Kill! midway impression


Its Not making me fall asleep, but it’s getting to that point.

 This show is repetitive …what ells I there to say.

There is a good reason why I’m not a fan of shounen. You see when anime is being produced for little boys you only need to make it simple “bad guys v good guys” and be done with it, the problem with this kind of plot when you start to put it in a show aimed at an older audience is that your good guys become as bland as pig poop because there good and nothing ells has to be said about it and your bad guys become over the top in a bid to entertain you.

You end up finding the bad guys more interesting because more time and effort had to go into making you see why they are evil.

T_T I don’t really care if any of the characters die by this point.



2 responses

  1. The Jaegers are arguably more interesting than Night Raid. Maybe they should have gotten their own series. Heck most of them aren’t evil. They just protect a city that is run by corrupt politicians.

    1. The show felt disbalanced.

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