Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches midway impression


The problem that I have with this anime is the same one I had with “Strike the Blood” and “parasyte the maxim”, the director is clearly inexperienced with this kind of show.

When you convert a manga into an anime you have to insert your own brand of life into the show to make up for the loss of spirit contained in the original artwork. studios/writers  spend years honing down what helps there energy flow best thogh there work, this is why it’s supper easy to tell when something has been plopped robotically (The spirit of your work is important if you want it to last and have a presence).

When I watch anime like this all I hear is an audio book and nothing else (it’s why these kinds of shows put me to sleep).

What’s happened so far? I don’t really care. There are girls with powers……that’s about it.


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