Monster musume first impression (second attempt).


Thank goodness DB was with me (He was geeking out thanks to his knowledge of the manga). *The benefits of anime/manga geek love*

^-o I had my cuddle bunny with me today for a good anime binge seeing as my family have gone on holiday leaving the house and the care of the dog to me (my sister watches him when I’m working).

This anime is border line hentai! DB collects the manga and after seeing book 8 we can both agree that this book should not an older teen book(any other manga licensee would have given it a mature rating).

 *I have seen manga’s with less erotica then this manga get an M rating.*

The only reason it’s not straight up porn is because they don’t so genitals but dam! they cut it close at times. It feels like this anime’s goal is to cut it as close to the knuckle as possible.

The shows animation is not consistently good but it’s manageable for this kind of show.

I will only watch this when i can get DB around to mind (might take a long time to end this show).



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